Inventory-less & Unbiased - Hire a Tech Generalist

Value Proposition of Tech Generalists:

1. Unbiased personalized purchasing advice (What to buy)
2. Experienced Installation and Setup (Get it working)
3. Personal Support and Repairs (Ask follow up questions)


Disappointed and frustrated by the bad wrap technology gets when it is poorly designed and installed causing terrible user experiences. Paradoxically, the most expensive tech installations can be the worst. Nanite offers inventory-less consulting to ensure you get the right products. 

Unbiased, experienced and passionate tech generalists provide their sourcing, installation and support services for all your technology needs. Ensure you are making the right investments to achieve your goals. 

Founding Siblings Ryan & Madison McNair

Continual learning is a lifestyle.

Nanite's ShowHome was a retrofitted Collingwood 1905 home with tech & SmartHome solutions installed, giving clients real life demonstrations. Nanite Tech Advisors offers their expertise and experience.

Ryan is the technology lead. He has a passion for problem solving and creating lasting, usable solutions. Armed with front-line experience at tech retailers and a big telecom call center, Ryan is determined to change the reputation of tech support. He has a passion custom performance computers and has built several to meet specific objectives. Ryan will work with you to find the balance between form and function to build a custom system or can simply recommend and demonstrate the best available options.

Nanite is a divison of McNair Group Thornhill Limited.