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Most people buy computers based on what’s offered in big-box stores, online, or from Apple. These off-the-shelf desktops and laptops are standard-issue and heavily marked up at retail.

For example, you might not need all the memory you buy if you work largely in the cloud (we can show you how), or if you only want a computer for email, browsing, and watching Netflix. You might not need an expensive Mac (gasp!). You can get something faster and smaller for less.

We custom build desktops and provide order-built laptops that are tailored to your needs, keeping the price in line with your usage habits.

You can have a more reliable, longer-lasting computer suited to you, usually for less money than you’ll pay in a retail store.

We also specialize in unobtrusive installations. Large towers are no longer the standard. There are actually computers that fit in the palm of your hand and can be hidden behind monitors. Cords can disappear and printers can perform wirelessly.

Nanite's Value Proposition:

1. Unbiased purchasing advice tailored to your use
2. Experienced Installation and Setup
3. Personal Support and Repairs